15 Tips To Be More Consistent In Life

15 Tips To Be More Consistent In Life | Featured Image

If I had a dollar for every well-intentioned new habit I’ve started then abandoned after 2 weeks, I could likely fund a year-long sabbatical complete with a private chef right now! And I bet I’m not alone in my follow-through flops, either. 

Humans stink at consistency. We despise nothing more than diets lapsing, money saved dwindling away, guitar lessons trailing off, and dusty gym clothes piling shamefully up with the best intentions. Our willpower seems to rival only that of an overtired toddler mid-tantrum.

Yet deep down, we also intuitively know that lasting transformations rarely unfold overnight like magic. Anything truly life-changing – the entrepreneurial empire, the black belt in martial arts, bank accounts doubling and tripling – silently depends on the currency of micro gains accumulated through consistent action over months and years. 

Luckily, I have hopeful news, my fellow aspiring growth-seekers! With small but mighty daily tweaks, unstoppable momentum fueling huge outcomes can absolutely become our new normal despite old patterns of starting and stopping. Consistency sticks when we know how to set things up right. Let’s break this thing down!

Why Does Consistency Even Matter?  

Besides sparing us the humiliation of enthusiastically telling friends, “I’m training for a marathon!” only to give up two weeks later with aching knees and bruised ego (guilty as charged), there are critical reasons why consistency plays a make-or-break role when it comes to manifesting positive change in our lives:

  • Tracking incremental progress keeps motivation humming while celebrating baby milestones triggers essential feel-good neurochemicals. 
  • Performing any activity routinely – from sales calls to meditation – develops higher levels of specialized skills faster, according to studies. Deliberate practice rules.
  • Honoring even tiny commitments reliably signals dependability earning trust and expanded opportunities from managers and friends over time.  
  • Meeting smaller aims consistently builds grit muscles to ultimately tackle bigger stretch life goals that once seemed impossible through disciplined self-trust.
  • It boosts self-esteem and identity when you become known as someone who tenaciously follows through rather than being flaky. Credibility compounds.

15 Science-Backed Tactics For Unbreakable Consistency

“It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.” ― Anthony Robbins | Quote Graphic

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Anthony Robbins

Alright, now for the good stuff – actionable steps that can transform anyone from chronically sporadic to a consistency machine! Let’s go:

1. Start Extremely Small In Baby Steps

This journey begins humbly! Scale wayyy down to actions barely inconvenient, fitted into your existing schedule. I’m talking about flossing just one tooth or a 5-minute walk rather than running 5 miles instantly. 

Once those micro commitments stick, thanks to ridiculously manageable bars, steadily build upwards towards bigger goals. Gain hard-earned confidence through baby step progress.

2. Use Reminder Apps To Never Forget

Unless you have a steel-trap memory, relying on motivation alone has already doomed consistency. Instead, take the task off your mind by scheduling reminder notifications prompting habit check-ins on specific set days/times. Calendar alerts, phone pop-ups, and apps boost memory assist.

3. Create External Accountability Checks   

Know thyself! Since solo accountability crumbles under Netflix marathons, enroll trusted friends/family as ‘consistency check-in buddies.’ Buzz each other habit progress pics hourly/daily/weekly. External responsibility and competition can make a tangible inner drive to persist.  

4. Routinely Celebrate Small Milestone Wins 

Note each wee micro win reached through journaling or habit apps. Marking another successful week or 5 pounds dropped keeps the motivation alive thanks to little dopamine rushes signaling your consistency pays off! 

Publicly share achievements with your inner circle for encouragement.

5. Measure Quantitative Progress 

Metrics keep abstract goal pursuit feeling concrete. Calculate numbers like minutes practiced or dollars saved to maintain a clear awareness of gain made through sustained effort over time. Creating tangible progress is powerful: 

  • It helps you identify if you have areas you need to improve on or what things are going right. 
  • It also gives you a visible boost in confidence and further motivation. 

6. Proactively Analyze What Derails You 

Carefully diagnose your unique pitfalls. Ask, “What reliably sabotages my consistency?” Social media? Decision fatigue? Once you identify disruption patterns, you can strategically block them. Plan for threats that chronically throw you off track.

7. Attach New Goals to Existing Habits   

Connect fresh aims this year to fixed routines already solidified into your schedule from years prior with minimal effort expended. For instance, place a savings jar visibly by your coffee maker so you remember to put spare change in daily.  

8. Incorporate If-Then Planning

‘If-then planning’ locks in reliable cue-routine-reward links in your brain, according to studies. For instance, think, “If it’s Monday night, then I will meal prep vegetables for the week,” rather than a hazy someday intention with no concrete prompts ever triggering action.

9. Design Environments Facilitating Success 

Set up spaces facilitating seamless consistency rather than leaving things up to daily motivation alone. For example, lay out sneakers and workout clothes before bed each night or keep the guitar visible by the TV rather than buried in a closet. Reduce physical roadblocks thwarting positive habits. 

10. Actually Schedule In Dedicated Time  

Carving out reoccurring time slots for priorities tells your brain to protect them, just like non-negotiable work appointments. Show up for yourself on set days even if determination temporarily dips. Laser consistency depends on consistent timing and space held. 

11. Pump Up The Self-Compassion  

When you miss the daily mark, don’t spiral shame triggers, ensuring further failure. Talk supportively to yourself like you would a dear friend, knowing ups and downs are normal for all humans. Dust off un-judgily and get back out there tomorrow, revitalized by encouragement, not criticism. 

12. Use Rewards To Reinforce Milestones  

Science says positive reinforcement cements habits we desire to make instinctive. After a 7-day evening coding class grind, enjoy a decadent bubble bath treating yourself. After sticking to a new budget consistently for a month straight, buy those gorgeous flowers cheering your kitchen. Incentivize continuity through celebratory rituals.  

13. Regularly Remind Yourself ‘Why’ It Truly Matters

When that disciplined fire of first baby steps forward inevitably ebbs, proactively reconnect to your core motivations regularly before lagging inspiration derails all momentum. Why does this goal light you up? How does it serve purposes bigger than yourself, like modeling values for kids or being healthier for selfless reasons? Your purpose fuels grit on the inevitable off days.  

14. Tailor Goals To Enjoy The Process Itself

Consistent follow-through hinges on enjoying incremental progress rather than some distant outcome alone. So customize aims to activities resonating with your natural strengths, interests, and sensibilities. Finding flow pulls you back versus forcing square pegs into round holes. Experiment between a few until energy sustainably sticks. 

15. Progress Over Perfection

Shatter destructive all-or-nothing thinking, derailing consistency when anything short of flawless execution occurs. Instead, award gold stars for any bite-sized effort made in the right direction, even if it is below your original daily metric. 

Tiny gains truly do compound into huge outcomes over time if you persist with self-compassion. Progress naturally builds when framed as self-care rather than self-blame after inevitable slip-ups.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that with gentle daily tweaks, unstoppable momentum through consistency WILL become your new normal. It all starts with valuing tiny gains made routinely. Milestone by milestone, your confidence naturally swells month after month. Before you know it, your strength grows to channel rivers once only able to be called creeks.

Compound enough small wins through tenacious consistency, and your confidence will sprout sturdy wings, lifting you towards the biggest goals once ever seeming insurmountable impossibilities. But it all starts humble. Consistency flows from self-compassion, not self-flagellation, when we stumble. 

So go ahead – sign up for that half marathon and tell your friends! Just know that the first step begins small …maybe even just one toe across the start line small 🙂 But done daily while celebrating every inch forward, miraculous transformation awaits my friends! I can’t wait to see your persistent progress unfolding, however gradually. You’ve so beyond got this!!

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