What is the 99 Club?

Are you happy with your life? With what you have and who you are currently with in life?

Do you enjoy the beauty of life as it comes?

If not, you might be a member of the 99 Club.

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What is the 99 Club?

The 99 Club is a name given to those who have enough to be happy but are never contented because they always strive for that extra “one thing.” They always tell themselves, “Let me get that final one, and then I’ll be happy for life.”

There’s even an old Indian folktale about it. Here’s how it goes:

The Story

The 99 club story. Indian Maharaja in his court.

The story of the 99 club begins with a King who had several responsibilities and was constantly under heavy stress. 

One day, the King decided to take a tour of his kingdom.

On the way, he observed a potter with his family — husband, wife, son, and daughter. They were all happy, singing, beaming with joy, full of life, and had so much affection and love for each other. 

The King wondered why they were so happy without having virtually anything resembling wealth or prosperity. 

He enquired about this with his minister, who was sitting just nearby.

The minister replied, “Your Majesty, it is because they are not members of the 99 club”. 

“What? What’s a 99 club?”, The King asked. 

The minister replied, “Give me 99 gold coins, your majesty, and I shall tell you”.

The King nodded and asked one of his treasurers to give him a bag of gold coins. The minister then waited for the sun to set and sneakily placed the bag outside the potter’s house. 

The following day, the potter found the bag. He opened the bag and found gold coins. 

He was ecstatic with joy!!

He started counting the coins. He would count them again and again, yet every time, it would only come to 99 coins with no sign of “the last one.” 

He was confused. And that confusion quickly turned into stress.

He felt like he needed that last coin, no matter what.

So he decided to work for it. He decided he’d work hard to earn that last gold coin.

And immediately, he got to working more time on his craft and putting in extra work to sell his pots.

Yet, his family wasn’t oblivious to their finding of the bag of gold coins. Especially his wife.

She had seen what the last gold coin was making her husband do and what it was doing to the family.

So she decided she wasn’t going to be like her husband. 

“So what, if there isn’t a 100th gold coin? That doesn’t mean we can’t spend the rest of the 99?” she said to herself.

And without consulting anyone else in the family, she took two coins from the bag and spent them on buying jewelry.

The children saw what their mother did and emulated the same by spending the same amount on equally unimportant things.

Now they were left with only 95 coins. 

After a few months, the King and the minister were walking by and passed the potter’s house, which was full of quarreling, and yelling at each other. The King wondered what had happened to them in so many months; how did they change so much? 

The minister replied, “Now they are officially members of the 99 Club”.

Moral of the Story

The 99 Club is a metaphor for the never-ending pursuit of material wealth and possessions. The potter and his family were happy because they were content with what they had, but as soon as they found the bag of gold coins, they became consumed with the idea of having just “one more thing.” This desire for more led to stress, arguments, and unhappiness. 

The moral of this story is that the pursuit of something that may not even exist can lead to stress, greed, and a loss of happiness and contentment. True happiness comes from enjoying what we already have, not from constantly seeking more wealth and possessions.  

How to Be Contentful With What You Have

Being content with what you have in life can be challenging. Still, it is an essential aspect of leading a happy and fulfilling life. 

To be content with what you have, you need to cultivate a mindset that focuses on gratitude and appreciation for what you currently possess rather than constantly craving more. 

Here are some steps to help you be content with what you have:

1. Practice gratitude

A daily gratitude practice can help shift your focus from what you lack to what you already have. Start each day by listing out three things you are grateful for, and reflect on these things throughout the day. This will help you appreciate the good things in your life and reduce feelings of dissatisfaction.

2. Set realistic goals and expectations

It is natural to want to improve your life and reach new heights, but it is essential to set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Unrealistic goals and expectations can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction, so ensure your goals are achievable and in line with your current abilities and resources.

3. Let go of comparisons.

Comparing yourself to others can fuel feelings of inadequacy and discontentment. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on your own progress and achievements. Recognize that everyone has their own unique journey and experiences, and focus on your own growth and development.

4. Focus on the present moment

It is easy to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets about the past, but these thoughts can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Instead, focus on the present moment and engage in activities and experiences that bring you joy and fulfillment in the here and now.

5. Develop healthy coping mechanisms

When we are faced with challenges or difficult situations, it can be tempting to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like overindulging in food, alcohol, or other substances. Instead, develop healthy coping mechanisms like exercise, meditation, or talking to a supportive friend to help you manage difficult emotions and stress.

By practicing gratitude, setting realistic goals and expectations, letting go of comparisons, focusing on the present moment, and developing healthy coping mechanisms, you can cultivate a mindset of contentment and happiness, regardless of your current circumstances.

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