“Anything Beautiful is Worth Getting Hurt For” – Prince

If you’ve ever gotten your heart broken or gone through a nasty breakup, you’ve probably tried to comfort yourself with a dramatic quote like “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” 

Because nothing takes the sting out of a failed relationship like an empty platitude, right?

Well, here’s another one for the motivational quote Hall of Fame: “Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for.” These inspiring words of wisdom come from none other than the purple philosopher himself – Prince.

But before you go jumping into the next beautiful trainwreck of a relationship, let’s break down what Prince was really trying to say here…

The Appeal of the Quote, “Anything Beautiful is Worth Getting Hurt For”

On the one hand, the quote has a nice ring to it. Anything beautiful IS worth getting hurt for. Like that gorgeous sunset. Or the perfect slice of chocolate cake. Totally worth the heartburn, am I right?

When it comes to love and romance, the quote gives us hope – all that pain and drama might be worthwhile if we wind up with someone truly special. 

And who doesn’t want to believe that beauty and love conquer all? It’s practically a Disney movie mantra. 

Thanks for the sage advice, Prince!

The Sentiment of the Poem

Interestingly, there’s also an anonymous poem by the same name that explores similar ideas. It touches on love’s highs and lows, from fighting to making up, longing, and starting anew.

[ Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for ]

Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for
And baby believe me you’re worth even more
Anything worth while takes time
And baby you’re worth all of mine
We may argue and we may fight
But baby Without you days aren’t as bright
Without you things just aren’t the same
With no one but myself to blame
I’m sorry for the things I’ve said
Ever since been full of dread
If I could I’d take it all back
Without you my life is out of whack
I long for you to bring me light
To end the darkness of this night
Can we just start anew
Because baby I’m in love with you

The poem recognizes that worthwhile relationships take time, effort, and resilience. There will be hurts and flaws, but overall, love’s beauty makes the struggles meaningful. The poem’s sentiments resonate, even if the cheesy metaphors make us cringe.

The Risk of Getting Hurt

Here’s the reality, though – for all its appeal, this quote whitewashes the painful truth of heartbreak. When things fall apart, it’s rare that both people walk away unscathed. And not every love story has a happy ending or deeper meaning.

Putting yourself out there always means risking hurt, whether it’s love, other dreams, or life itself. While chasing beauty is noble, remember that pain sucks no matter how pretty the package is.

The Reward of Beauty

THAT SAID, Prince and the poem both have a point. Beautiful things DO exist, and if we shield ourselves from hurt, we also miss out on life’s wonders.

Love fills our existence with joy and connection. Stunning art moves and inspires us. Nature’s splendor lifts our souls. The reward of beauty, in all its forms, makes facing the occasional hurt worth it.

"Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for." ~ Prince | Quote Graphic

Examples of Things Worth Getting Hurt For

What truly makes life meaningful for you? For me, it’s my family and friends, who I’d do anything for. 

It’s creating music and art that resonate with others. It’s exploring wild places that take my breath away.

Maybe it’s falling head over heels for someone incredible and sharing moments I’ll cherish forever. Or chasing my purpose and dreams, though the road is long.

These things stir my spirit; they’re worth some bumps and bruises when hardship comes. Beauty and meaning exist if we dare to seek them.


So fellow risk takers, when beauty calls, heed the call! Prince was right – it’s worth it, hurt and all. 

Just go into it with eyes wide open, heart on guard when needed, and faith that the beauty will outweigh the pain. Now let’s go make this world more beautiful!

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