Do the Right Ones Always Stay?

Do the right ones always stay? | Featured Image

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been hurt when someone you cared about walked out of your life unexpectedly. Yeah, I see those hands!

We’ve all been fed sayings like “People come and go, but the right ones always stay.” It makes it sound so simple – just sit back, and the keepers will stick around while the rest take a hike. If only it were that easy!

The truth about relationships is a bit more complicated, as we’ll explore today.

The Meaning of the Quote, “People come and go, but the right ones always stay.”

This popular saying is trying to comfort us that even though some connections fade, the extra special people (aka the “right” ones) will remain constant in our lives no matter what. 

It implies our true friends and soulmates won’t be scared off by life’s ups and downs. Aw, kumbaya!

The Truth Behind the Statement

While I appreciate the optimistic sentiment of the quote, I’ve gotta call BS. From decades of messy human relating, we know even our closest companions can unexpectedly say bye-bye.

Sometimes we’re growing at different speeds, or our priorities no longer mesh. Even the “right” connections can unravel through poor communication, misunderstandings, or changed needs.

The reality is, the “right” relationship takes effort and adaptation to stand the test of time. There are no guarantees in love and friendship.

My Personal Opinions

If I’m being honest, my revised version of the quote would be: “People come and go in your life, but the ones who match you will stay.”

Here’s my thinking: Sometimes, the seemingly “right” person leaves simply because you’re NOT their right match, no matter how much you care. And the wrong fits will stick around if you enable their less-than-great behavior.

Ultimately, it’s about reciprocity. The connections built to go the distance are those where you each think the other is just right, faults and all.

Relationships Require Reciprocity

While fairytales depict relationships that seem fated to work out, in real life, you gotta put in effort to nurture bonds with reciprocity. Listen intently, share your true self, and support each other’s growth.

When both people think, “I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” that’s when you know you’ve found your match. Be the kind of partner who makes others feel heard, appreciated, and “right.”

Knowing When to Let Go

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll find yourself in one-sided relationships. You’re more invested, giving it your all as they withdraw and dismiss your needs.

As hard as it is, don’t cling to lopsided connections hoping they’ll change. Wish them well and move on to find your tribe, those who can meet you halfway.

Being True to Yourself Attracts Matches

Rather than twisting yourself to fit the whims of others, focus on nurturing your interests and values. Express your authentic self and needs.

This attracts kindred spirits looking for what you uniquely offer. Staying grounded in your truth makes room for more mutually fulfilling bonds.


So reflect on whether your closest connections are truly reciprocal before assuming the “right” ones will stick. And know that if someone leaves, a more matching companion may be on their way into your life.

Nurture relationships that help you flourish as your real self. While goodbyes still hurt, have faith that through life’s hellos and farewells, you’ll find your people. Just don’t stop trying!

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