Do Things Get Worse Before They Get Better When Manifesting?

If you’ve tried manifesting something important only to encounter obstacles and setbacks instead, you may wonder – what gives? Isn’t manifesting supposed to draw my desires to me seamlessly? Why does it feel like things are getting worse instead of better?

It’s common when doing inner work to release and re-align that a period of challenge comes first before receiving our goals. Think of it as cleansing out density and resistance so there’s space for your desires to flow freely. While frustrating, remember it’s often a necessary step in co-creating our reality.

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Why Do Things Have To Take a Turn For The Worse?

When embarking on manifesting from a high vibrational state, we first have to purge lower vibrational blocks standing in the way of our intentions. Releasing these requires dismantling limiting beliefs and patterns so they no longer sabotage us. 

It’s like cleaning out a cluttered closet before adding beautiful new clothes. The old must be shed to make space for the new vision to arrive. So, see challenging periods as the preparation required to receive your desires.

It’s Not Always a Linear Path to Your Desires

We wish manifestation occurred in a smooth linear trajectory. But in reality, forward motion happens in waves – with downs preceding new ups. Periods of challenge and stagnancy are woven into the upward process.

Know your desires are coming to fruition even if the path there is spiraling, with movement that may look like two steps forward and one step back. Trust each phase serves your expansion.

Reframing Setbacks As Growth Opportunities 

When it seems like manifestations turn “negative” with obstacles arising, use it as feedback to check your vibration and realign with your desires. Examine what limiting beliefs need releasing.

Setbacks remind us we must actively cultivate our mindset and energy, not just state intentions. Course correct, then keep moving ahead.

Staying Persistent Through Challenges

When challenges strike, avoid interpreting it as a sign to quit your desires altogether. Instead, stay persistent in manifesting from a high-vibe space, regardless of temporary hurdles.

Know that with a commitment to inner work, your manifestations will come, even if slowly. Maintain faith in the process.

Trusting Divine Right Timing Over Your Own  

One of the hardest manifesting lessons is surrendering to divine timing over your desired timing. But have patience that everything unfolds on schedule according to cosmic wisdom.

Avoid trying to rush or force manifestations before their perfect moment. What’s meant for you cannot be taken away.

Making Sure Your Intentions Are Positive

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If negativity entered your manifesting mindset due to disappointments, pause and re-center yourself in joyful intentions. 

Manifest from gratitude for blessings you already have, not reactionary vibes of lack or impatience that manifest more lack.

Cleaning Out the Closet Before Adding More  

Use more difficult periods on your manifesting path as a purge phase – lighten your load and clean your energetic space of lower vibrations. 

Then, from that clear space, you can manifest your vision powerfully. Challenges prepare you for receptivity.

Is Manifestation Even Real?

Manifesting alone cannot alter reality – consistent action on your part is key. Keep putting in physical work towards dreams alongside your mental/spiritual work.

Manifestation unfolds, but it may not materialize instantly. With realistic expectations plus the commitment to uplifting your mindset, you’ll attract your desires.


Stay positive when faced with hurdles or delays while manifesting. Reframe them as necessary steps, clearing your path ahead so you’re ready to receive. Maintain inner stability and trust. The more light you cultivate within, the quicker your desires can come to full fruition.

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