Make a Habit of Asking Yourself, “Does This Support the Life I Want to Create?”

We all have dreams and intentions for the kind of life we want to create. At our core, most of us desire to live in alignment with our deepest values, fully express our gifts, and feel a sense of purpose. 

Yet, with the busyness of each day, it’s easy to lose sight of the big-picture vision for how we want to live. Our energy gets consumed by urgent demands and other people’s priorities. Before we know it, we fall into default routines that take us off course from the intentional existence we envision.

This is why cultivating a simple habit can be so powerful – asking yourself: “Does this support the life I want to create?”

Evaluating your choices against your ideal life vision keeps you headed in the direction you most want to go. Rather than feeling lost in the blur of busyness, you feel centered in what matters most. 

This question helps anchor your daily decisions and actions to your core values and priorities. By keeping your intended path for living top of mind, you build a life of greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. 

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Why You Should Ask Yourself The Question, “Does This Support the Life I Want to Create?” 

Making a habit of checking whether choices align with your ideal life provides many benefits:

I. It Keeps Your Vision Top of Mind  

With so many obligations competing for your time each day, it’s easy to forget the big picture of how you want to live. Regularly asking about alignment with your intentions keeps them front and center as you make decisions. This question anchors you back to your purpose when busyness threatens to distract you.

II. It Helps Evaluate Trade-Offs

Every choice you make involves trade-offs. Choosing one thing often means not choosing something else. Asking about alignment helps weigh whether the benefits of a decision justify the costs in relation to your greater vision. This allows you to make intentional choices based on your priorities. 

III. It Aligns Your Actions With Your Values

Checking whether a choice supports the life you want to create filters that decision through your core values and desired lifestyle. You evaluate if each opportunity helps express who you really are and how you want to contribute to the world. This aligns your daily behavior with what matters most.

IV. It Prevents Distraction and Burnout 

Consistently asking about alignment also protects your precious time and energy from being drained by obligations that seem urgent but aren’t really important. It enables you to say no to requests that don’t serve your highest intentions, preventing distraction and burnout.

V. It Motivates You Through Purpose

Making choices that move you toward your ideal life is energizing! When you know exactly how you want to live, you feel inspired to turn this vision into reality through your goals. Aligning with your life purpose provides fuel to follow through.

VI. It Builds Self-Awareness

Regularly checking for alignment requires getting very clear on what you authentically want and value, not just default routines. Tuning inward to access your inner wisdom builds understanding of who you genuinely are under society’s expectations.

The Benefits of This Mindset

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I. Living More Intentionally 

Staying focused on how you truly want to live your one precious life is incredibly empowering. You design your days based on intentionally chosen priorities, not just urgencies.

You’re driven by your core values – what fulfills and excites you – rather than cliché societal “shoulds.” Knowing exactly the path you want to walk gives freedom from others’ agendas.

You also make space for regular reflection on how you envision your best life. Then, you review goals and habits to ensure they still align with your updated vision. 

II. Experiencing More Fulfillment

When your daily choices express your authentic self, you feel centered in who you really are. Your life flows with meaning derived from living true to your values.

Finding purpose in your actions generates profound motivation. Even mundane tasks become energized when you know they serve your chosen path.

Making decisions that honor your inner wisdom also builds self-trust. Rather than doubting yourself, you gain confidence in your worth and vision.

Staying focused on your values also prevents burnout. You retain passion and avoid exhaustion by investing energy into what matters most to you.

III. Building Better Relationships 

Evaluating alignment empowers you to nurture relationships that support your life vision while letting go of draining ones. You invest in people whose presence energizes you.

Knowing your priorities and boundaries gives clarity for when to say yes versus no. You graciously decline requests that don’t serve your chosen path.

Expressing how you want to live makes it easier to align expectations with others. This prevents misunderstandings from unspoken assumptions.

You also gravitate toward communities where you can fully express your gifts in service of your purpose. Finding your people fills your life with joy.


Intentionally creating your ideal life amidst the pull of distractions is challenging. But making a habit of asking, “Does this support the life I want?” provides a North Star to guide you. 

Rather than feeling lost in the blur of busyness, you feel centered in your purpose. Your days are designed for meaning based on your values. Every action moves you toward your soul-inspired vision.

By continually checking that your choices align with the existence you envision, you build the fulfilling, purposeful life you dream of living.

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