Ocean of Optimism: How ‘Just Keep Swimming’ Fuels Our Life’s Journey

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim." | Quote Graphic

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.” 

When Dory, the adorably forgetful blue fish from Finding Nemo, uttered this now-famous quote, she was desperately trying to motivate a weary Marlin to literally keep them both from drowning. But this simple line has come to symbolize so much more – carrying a profound message of optimism and perseverance that resonates with me every time I face struggles. 

It’s the perfect mantra for those “I feel like I’m drowning here!” days we all have from time to time while navigating life’s choppy waters. Because let’s be real – life can be rough sometimes. We face storms that threaten to pull us under and overwhelm us with adversity. But giving up is not an option. 

So, we tell ourselves, “Just keep swimming!” We put one fin in front of the other, trusting that if we persevere, we’ll make it through.

Meaning and Context of the Quote, “Just keep swimming…”

At first glance, Dory’s quote seems to literally refer to the act of swimming. But look a little deeper, and you’ll uncover richer meaning. The “swimming” she urges us to keep doing serves as a metaphor for persisting through life’s challenges.

In Finding Nemo, Dory’s unflinching optimism and cheer empower not just herself but also Marlin to persevere on their epic journey to rescue Nemo. Time and time again, when they feel like giving in to fear, exhaustion, or hopelessness, Dory breaks into song, belting out, “Just keep swimming!” She embodies the mindset of valuing the journey over the outcome, celebrating small successes for the motivation they provide.

Her line reflects the power of focusing on the next right step rather than becoming overwhelmed. The message? As long as you keep making forward progress, no matter how small, you harness enough faith and grit to achieve your goals. Pretty insightful for an absent-minded fish! But that simple philosophy carries far and offers an outlook to fuel us through all of life’s ups and downs.

The Power of Optimistic Mantras  

I don’t know about you, but I need all the optimism I can get! When challenges arise, it’s so easy to fall into a pessimistic line of thinking focused on all the things that could go wrong. And while preparation is important, dwelling in negativity saps our mental strength, which is crucial for persevering.

That’s why I love the simplicity but genius of Dory’s motivational one-liner. In just five words, it captures the resilient spirit we need. Whenever I have a big presentation for work coming up, or I’m dealing with any other nerve-wracking situation, I repeat it like a mantra: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” It gets me out of my worried head, snaps me into the present moment, and reminds me to just take it one step at a time

I’m definitely not the only one who uses this quote as an inspirational pick-me-up! Even elite athletes have been known to recite it before events when the mental pressure is intense. No matter what rough currents life is throwing you into, letting Dory’s voice of optimism sing in your mind gives you the boost to power through.  

Cultivating Tenacity and Grit

When Dory exclaims, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming,” it reflects incredible grit and tenacity. She doesn’t let tough odds or naysayers stop her perseverance. Despite Marlin’s doubts that she can go on, Dory summons her scrappy determination to keep fighting fatigue and fear. 

To me, this demonstrates the mindset I aim to cultivate within myself to achieve my biggest goals. Pushing through challenges requires grit and an almost stubborn refusal to give up or be deterred one bit from your purpose. It’s about persevering with almost a dogged obliviousness to the obstacles in your path.

I love using Dory’s “just keep swimming” mentality to build my mental endurance for the long haul. Instead of letting myself be overwhelmed by the total effort a big goal requires, I adopt a “one fin kick at a time” strategy. I celebrate small daily progress because each painstaking stroke gets me that much closer until, suddenly, I’ve achieved something that once seemed impossible!

Another example of this would be my friend, Dave. He utilized this very approach when training for an Ironman triathlon. Rather than fixating on the towering 140.6-mile total distance, he focused on improving his swim stroke, getting in a few more miles on the bike that day, or shaving another minute from his run time. Before he knew it, on race day, he had accumulated enough of those small gains to successfully become an Ironman. It was the ultimate validation of Dory’s advice – “just keep swimming!”

Turning Challenges into Growth Opportunities  

Not only does Dory’s resilient mindset give us grit – it also reframes how we view challenges altogether. Rather than seeing obstacles as intimidating threats, adopting a “just keep swimming” mentality helps us view them as growth opportunities.

Instead of allowing tough situations to dishearten me, I actually get excited by the chance to expand my abilities. BRING IT ON!! Difficult clients at work, fighting insomnia, moving across the country alone – I’ve faced them all with excitement rather than dread. I ask myself, “What strengths will these challenges draw out of me?” This Growth Mindset releases positive energy that sustains me as I muscle my way through difficult waters.

I used the “Keep Swimming” outlook when I decided to ditch my “almost guaranteed” stable life and launch my own business. While it was incredibly scary at first to leap into the unknown, I leaned into the crash course with the courage I knew it would provide. And wow, starting my agency has pushed me so far outside my comfort zone on a daily basis. But I’ve discovered wells of tenacity and innovation within myself that may have otherwise remained untapped. 

Just like Dory, even on days when I feel out of my depth, flailing around in uncharted territory, I repeat my mantra, “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” I focus on learning, I celebrate small wins, and stroke by stroke, I’m building exactly the life I always wanted to have.

The Ripple Effects of Positivity  

Channeling one’s inner Dory doesn’t just help us power through challenges – it sets off positive ripples that inspire those around us. 

Even during Dory’s most difficult moments in Finding Nemo, her dedication and cheer motivated and lifted up her despairing friends. Marlin’s eyes practically bugged out of his head at Dory’s indefatigable commitment to persist despite truly terrifying odds. It stirred him from hopelessness into doggedly swimming by her side.


Whether you’re striving to rescue a fishy friend, train for a triathlon, or launch a business, embracing Dory’s “Just keep swimming” mentality equips you with optimism and grit. Remember that challenges offer chances for growth. Focus on the progress made with each stroke rather than the intimidating distance left to go. Let resilient positivity ripple out as inspiration to others.

So, if life tosses lemons your way, grab your metaphorical fins! Recite the mantra “Just keep swimming” and power forward one unrelenting stroke at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have muscled your way through stormy seas into the clear horizon beyond.

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