How to Be the Energy You Want to Attract

The popular saying “Be the energy you want to attract” contains powerful wisdom. It reminds us that we draw in what we emanate based on the law of attraction. By shifting our dominant emotional states, thoughts, beliefs, and habits, we shape our realities and what we manifest.

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The Meaning Behind “Be the Energy You Want to Attract”

This phrase encourages self-awareness about our current energy, then taking responsibility for intentionally shifting it to align with what we desire to experience. Energy applies to our emotions, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and essence.

If you want to attract love, how can you emit more love? If you desire greater abundance, how can you project abundance instead of lack? By matching the frequency of our dominant inner world to our external aspirations, we maximize our potential to manifest them.

This concept resonates because it flips the locus of control from outside to inside. We empower ourselves to proactively shape our lives by elevating our internal state first. Then through our transformed energy, we draw in external synchronistic events and connections to mirror our new frequencies. It puts responsibility back into our hands.

Why This Concept Resonates

Science supports that we attract what we project. The placebo effect demonstrates that belief in something directly impacts outcomes; the body manifests what the mind perceives to be true. Neuroplasticity reveals we can rewire thought patterns. Mirror neurons show how we intuitively mimic emotions and behaviors of those around us.

Spiritual traditions have tapped into energy awareness for centuries. Law of attraction principles advise raising energetic vibrations to manifest goals. Behaviors and personalities consistently attract their likeness into social and romantic connections. We energize more of whatever we focus on, consciously or unconsciously.

“Be the energy you want to attract” reminds us that despite external circumstances, we possess immense power to write our internal narratives and thus shape our realities. Through intentionality about directing our thoughts, speech, and actions, we influence what enters our lives.

How to Practice “Being the Energy You Want to Attract”

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Here are steps for translating this phrase into daily life:

  1. Identify the dominant emotional energies you wish to experience – love, joy, relaxation, abundance, confidence, etc. Also, name desired externals – career success, health, relationships.
  2. Observe your current habitual emotional state across contexts – anger, scarcity, anxiety. Notice where your thoughts, speech, and actions typically come from.
  3. Gradually shift your mental narrative and daily habits to align with your desired energies. Elevate negative thoughts into positive interpretations. Speak from a mindset of plenty rather than lack. Make decisions from a state of love rather than fear or anger.
  4. Essentially, practice being the version of yourself already living your aspirations. Act as if these states and outcomes are already your reality, regardless of external proof yet.
  5. Surround yourself with people, media, and environments emanating the energy frequencies you seek to attain. Distance from those clashing with your growth.
  6. Regularly visualize and affirm yourself already experiencing your desired results. Let go of needing to micromanage each step.

The Benefits of Embodying Your Ideal State

Practicing “being the energy you wish to attract” generates many rewards:

  • You feel greater agency over your life direction. You own your power to shape your inner world.
  • Increased optimism, motivation, and sense of possibility infuse your days.
  • You notice more synchronicities as desired manifestations unfold.
  • Growth in self-trust and confidence to achieve bold goals and dreams.
  • You form deeper connections with those on similar wavelengths.
  • Release of past limiting beliefs and thought habits that previously blocked you.
  • Growth in emotional intelligence to navigate all life presents.
  • An enhanced sense of freedom to live and create authentically.


In summary, by taking responsibility for shifting your inner world, you transform what you attract externally. Consistent practice helps anchor these new elevated frequencies until they become your natural state. Though occasional setbacks are normal, approach with self-compassion. You are the pilot of your inner world and, thus, the attractor of your outer one.

What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, and words, you attract into your life. ~ Catherine Ponder | Quote Graphic

As Catherine Ponder wisely stated, “What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, and words, you attract into your life.” Therefore be the energy you wish to attract, emit that frequency consistently, and trust in the invisible ripple effects aligning people and circumstances to support your dreams. You are the change agent who sets it all into motion.

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