Some People Create Their Own Storms. Be The Light For Them.

“Some people create their own storms then complain when it rains.” 

This poignant observation about human nature reveals a truth – we often play an active role in creating the realities we then portray ourselves as victims of. But with self-awareness and courage, we can take responsibility for our circumstances and then be lights to help guide others to do the same. 

It’s easy to view ourselves as helpless, blamed by external forces. But how much stormy weather in our lives comes from seeds we planted? Where might we proactively shift perspectives and habits to clear the clouds? We possess more power than we realize to direct our trajectories if we’re willing to look within.

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Taking Responsibility for Our Choices

Do you find yourself frequently complaining about situations you helped create? Consider how your actions, assumptions, and mindset set the stage for the outcomes you experience. Even amid genuine misfortune, we choose how we frame and react to events. 

Are you projecting accountability outward versus looking within? Start to own your role in what unfolds rather than playing the hapless victim.

Seeking Validation Externally 

When we base our self-worth on others’ approval and admiration of surface-level status or accomplishments, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

 No amount of praise can fill the void of connecting to our true inner value. Blaming external factors for unfulfillment caused by tying our value to them creates storms. Fill your cup from within.

Getting Caught in Negative Cycles

Vicious cycles where our thoughts and behaviors fuel the very storms we protest can be hard to recognize from the inside. 

The victim mentality traps us from seeing how we perpetuate damage through poor communication, avoidance, self-sabotage, and other patterns. 

Shine light on your darkness. Break the cycle where you hold the power. 

The Courage to Change What We Can

“Some people who create their own storm and then complain when it rains. Be light to help guide them out.”

While certain realities are beyond our control, we can always control our perspective and response. Courageously ask yourself what actionable changes could improve the situation. 

Even without changing circumstances, shifting how we relate provides calm. Have you done all within your power before proclaiming powerlessness?

Practicing Self-Awareness and Introspection 

Slow down reactionary complaining and get curious about your role in circumstances. Could you adjust perspectives or actions to create different results? What lessons does the universe want you to reflect on? 

Openness to learning from challenges brings peace. Your evolution is the goal, not fixing externals. 

Cultivating Self-Accountability with Compassion 

The most sustainable change comes through taking responsibility with kindness, not judgment. 

Progress over perfection. 

Appreciate yourself for having the courage to grow, even if slowly. Holding ourselves accountable but with the understanding that we’re just being human allows positive change.

Being a Light to Guide Others Out of Their Storms

When faced with others stuck in storms of their own making, be a lighthouse – don’t chastise or enable. Respond with patience, wisdom, and empathy. Help them gain self-awareness by asking thoughtful questions rather than shutting them down. Be the example of personal accountability you wish to see.

Walking with People on Their Growth Journey 

Remember, transformation occurs slowly. 

Providing steady support through relapses builds trust. Balance pushing compassionately with meeting people where they currently stand. Shining bright so they find their way will help more than forcefully trying to reshape them. Weather their storms together.


At times, we all get caught up in our own storms, playing the victim when introspection and responsibility would serve. 

So the next time you find yourself loudly complaining about the rains you helped produce, pause. Zoom out, gain perspective, and take ownership of the power you do have. 

Then be the wise light guiding others similarly stuck towards safer harbors through your compassion, patience, and example. The sun will shine again if you let it.

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