Sometimes You Have to Give Up on People – Here’s Why

“Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care but because they don’t. A person’s actions will tell you everything you need to know. Love yourself enough to say goodbye to those who don’t make time for you or don’t know how to love you back. Let go of what hurts, even if it hurts to let go.”

Jennifer Green.

This quote from author Jennifer Green perfectly captures the painful truth that sometimes relationships become so one-sided that we have to walk away, as much as we desperately want things to be different. When your care isn’t reciprocated despite efforts to fix things, come to terms that you can’t force someone to value you. Honor yourself by letting go, even though it hurts.

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It’s Painful But Necessary

Few experiences are more crushing than finally accepting a relationship you cherished has become too one-sided to continue. The realization that no matter how hard you try, the care and effort will never be mutual can feel devastating. 

But as agonizing as it is to walk away, staying will only erode your self-worth and well-being. Leaving one-sided relationships behind is an act of honoring yourself when someone else doesn’t. 

Look At Their Actions, Not Just Words

People’s efforts and prioritization reveal their true level of care – even if their words profess support. Empty promises without initiative, follow-through, and real commitment signal it’s not you they’re committed to.

Eventually, you have to come to terms with the truth their actions reveal before the disconnect completely destroys your self-esteem.

You Can’t Force Someone To Value You

Your heart will hold onto hope that if you just love them enough, they’ll finally appreciate and value you. But the cold truth is, you can’t change how someone else feels or force them to match your care. 

At some point, for your own health, you have to respect their choices and let go of fantasies, as painful as it is. You must value yourself when they don’t.

Don’t Just Ghost Them – Explain Why

Where reasonable, avoid abruptly disappearing from someone’s life without explanation. Have a vulnerable conversation where you lovingly but firmly explain why you need distance from the relationship for your own well-being.

This provides closure and space for them to reflect and potentially grow. Ghosting avoids short-term discomfort but isn’t the healthiest long-term solution.

Reflect On What You Learned

While devastating, one-sided relationships provide important lessons if we reflect. Consider how the experience revealed your blind spots around boundaries, self-worth, reading red flags, etc. Learn from it.

Certain patterns may consistently draw you into imbalanced relationships. Do the work to adjust those going forward.

Reset Your Priorities And Standards

Use the ending as a chance to get very clear on your needs, expectations, and standards. Then, get highly selective about who deserves your time and energy moving ahead. 

Invest only in relationships that make you feel seen, valued, and reciprocally loved. Don’t settle for less ever again.

Show Yourself The Care They Didn’t 

The rejection of one-sided relationships often makes us feel ashamed and unworthy of love long after they’re over. Counteract this by proactively showering yourself in care and affection. 

Replenish your drained spirit. Rebuild your sense of self-worth. Let go of false beliefs about your value.

Protect Your Peace At All Costs

Sometimes, giving up means phasing people out of your life who are emotionally toxic versus cutting them out completely. Limit any draining interactions and safeguard your inner peace fiercely.

Your well-being and self-care isn’t selfish – it enables you to show up as your best self for those who reciprocate. 

You Deserve Reciprocal Love

Know at the core of your being that you deserve fulfilling, caring relationships that make you feel seen, secure, and equally loved. 

Never accept one-way love or compromise your standards again just to keep someone around. 


Releasing ourselves from one-sided relationships is excruciating but powerful. It’s an act of declaring your worth and need for reciprocity. Cry, grieve, then lift your head higher, knowing your future will only contain partnerships where you feel cherished. You deserve nothing less.

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