Through Pain Comes Strength

Why is it that the most transformative times of our lives often stem from the deepest pain? Great hardship brings even greater opportunity for growth if we can find the courage to push through. Choosing not to avoid life’s painful moments allows us to develop grit, resilience, and character. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”—but what does that really mean in practice? Strength training provides the perfect analogy. By intentionally stressing your muscles through discomfort, they adapt and grow back even stronger than before. 

Similarly, weathering life’s challenges causes our emotional and spiritual “muscles” to become more robust and resilient. The pain we thought might destroy us ends up being the very thing that empowers our growth.

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Facing Challenges Head-On

It takes bravery not to shrink from life’s painful moments. When hardship comes knocking, we could easily avoid discomfort by ignoring issues, distracting ourselves, or sinking into destructive habits.  

Instead, have the courage to lean into the struggle. Say yes to personal growth and no to the easier short-term escape. Move toward the pain, not away. Meet it head-on, knowing you will grow from the wrestle.

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

Pushing into discomfort expands what you are able to handle. The saying “make yourself uncomfortable to make yourself grow” perfectly captures this concept. Exercising new skills and stretching mental limits causes initial discomfort but builds abilities over time.

Start viewing discomfort as a positive signal you are expanding versus a negative sign to stop. Use it as feedback you are developing stamina and strength. 

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Setbacks not only test our resilience — they present invaluable opportunities to uncover solutions and creative workarounds. Failure often contains the seeds of growth if we take time to reflect on what we can learn from difficulties.

Rather than cursing why certain obstacles have arisen, shift perspective to ask: how can I use this for greater understanding? Your biggest breakthroughs will stem from moments of struggle.

Building Resilience and Fortitude

If circumstances always came easy, you would remain fragile, unable to cope when real adversity struck. It is only through navigating difficulties that we develop grit and a bounce-back mentality.

Hardship builds emotional callouses and thick skin. Have faith that you will emerge with greater fortitude that serves you the rest of your life. What doesn’t defeat you makes you stronger.

Gaining Wisdom Through Hardship 

The most impactful experiences offer both peak joy and deepest sorrow. Reflect on your most painful moments—odds are you also gained profound lessons about life or yourself. 

Be willing to find the gift in painful loss. Growth comes when you lean into life’s hardest moments with an openness to learn. Difficulty often develops maturity.

Recognizing Progress, Not Perfection 

When immersed in pain’s darkness, it can seem like we are failing. But remember that sheer effort through adversity, not outcomes, determines character and strength. How we push through matters more than what occurs. 

Define success based on courageously standing back up each time life knocks you down. Progress takes time, so be patient and persistent.

Asking for Help is Strength, Not Weakness

Admitting when we’ve reached our emotional limits and cannot continue alone requires deep strength. Shedding the misconception that asking for help is weakness allows us to progress with support.

We were not meant to overcome every challenge solo. Give yourself permission to enlist others’ love and wisdom when you need relief.

Remembering Pain is Temporary

In the depths of hardship, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, thinking suffering will last indefinitely. Maintain the perspective that no pain is permanent—brighter days always return after even the darkest nights. 

This, too, shall pass. Have faith better times await you on the other side of this struggle. Stay the course, knowing you will come out wiser.

Emerging with Greater Empathy for Others 

Once you have suffered yourself, it shapes you into a more compassionate ally toward others experiencing hardship. You can uniquely encourage them through the comfort you found.

Use your growth and wisdom gained through pain to lift up fellow strugglers. Find purpose in paying comfort forward.


While painful, walking courageously through life’s trials equips us for fulfillment beyond what we can imagine. Hardship shapes our character and develops strength of spirit. What we bravely overcome becomes part of who we are. Know that the other side of pain is growth — if we can find the fortitude to push through.

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