Never Be Limited By Other People’s Limited Imaginations

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. If you adopt their attitudes, then the possibility won’t exist because you’ll have already shut it out…You can hear other people’s wisdom, but you’ve got to re-evaluate the world for yourself.”

This empowering quote comes from Mae Jemison, who knows firsthand what it looks like to break limits and forge your own path. As the first African American woman to travel to space, Jemison quite literally reached for the stars and achieved what others deemed impossible. 

Her boundary-breaking journey can inspire us to also release perceived constraints and live out our full potential. Let’s dig into her quote’s meaning and how we can apply it.

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About Mae Jemison 

Before becoming an astronaut, Jemison was a doctor, engineer, teacher, dancer, and founder of multiple technology research organizations. She was born in 1956 in Alabama as the youngest of three children and moved to Chicago as a child. 

From a young age, Jemison was determined to go to space one day, inspired by Nichelle Nichols’ character on Star Trek. She graduated college at just 16, later earning degrees in engineering, African studies, and medicine. After a varied career in medicine, research, and the Peace Corps, Jemison applied to NASA’s astronaut program. 

In 1992, she made history as the first Black woman to travel in space, completing 127 orbits around Earth. Since retiring from NASA, Jemison has authored several books, started an international space camp for youth, and continues researching innovative technology and space travel.  

Source: National Women’s History Museum

The Meaning of the Quote, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

Jemison’s quote is about refusing to allow conventional thinking or societal attitudes restrict your potential. She urges us not to adopt small-minded assumptions about what someone “like you” can achieve.

Instead, Jemison calls us to imagine expansively, unhindered by the constraints of conformity. We must evaluate the world and our own capabilities independent of others’ limited visions.

Seeing Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Jemison was told her dreams of space travel were unrealistic, given prejudiced views about gender and race. But she tuned out the naysayers and conceived of her own limitless potential. 

We, too, must challenge notions that certain goals are out of reach based on arbitrary factors. Question assumed “truths” about what you’re capable of.

Avoiding the Trap of Other People’s Expectations

It’s tempting to seek validation through meeting expectations others set for us. But their limited standards can become our ceilings. Know you contain worlds of untapped potential beyond what anyone imagines for you.

Your only limits are those you accept yourself. So dream bigger than others think possible, and live life on your own terms.

Think Independently, Evaluate the World For Yourself 

Jemison stresses the importance of independent thinking. Don’t blindly accept group mentalities. Analyze life with your own lens – you just may see what others miss. 

Foster your unique perspective instead of seeking approval. The most revolutionary ideas arise through bold, original thought.

Surround Yourself With Expanders, Avoid Naysayers 

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations. If you adopt their attitudes, then the possibility won't exist because you'll have already shut it out...You can hear other people's wisdom, but you've got to re-evaluate the world for yourself." ~ Mae C. Jemison | Quote Graphic

Be selective about whose voices you let in. Those who widen your views help you access your potential. But skeptics breed self-doubt that stifles growth.

Cut out negativity and limitations from your environment. Make space for those who uplift and empower. 

Never Let Fear of the Unknown Hold You Back 

Stepping outside the familiar requires tremendous courage. But unknown frontiers also hold possibilities yet unseen by you or anyone else.

Rather than recoiling from uncertainty, see uncharted waters as opportunity. Take the leap, and your boldness will inspire others.

Reframing Setbacks as Learning Experiences

When obstacles arise, it shows areas in which we still need to expand our thinking. Setbacks signal not to retreat back to old ways but to grow.

Maintain an open and flexible mindset. Regardless of how solid conventional wisdom seems, question everything. 

Have Conviction in Your Own Potential

At the end of the day, no amount of external validation can substitute for believing in yourself. Know your worth is never determined by outside factors.

Back yourself fully and proceed unapologetically. Take the path unknown to others but clear as day to you. The only true limits are those you accept.


Mae Jemison smashed limiting assumptions of every kind to chart an unprecedented course. May her mission ignite our own conviction to do the same. We each contain worlds of untapped gifts and dreams. Imagine without limits, and start reaching your own stars.

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