One Step at a Time: The Power of Incremental Progress

One Step at a Time: The Power of Incremental Progress | Featured Image

It’s easy to see influencers on social media or read about young CEOs and think – why can’t I be them overnight? Our culture of quick fixes feeds the fantasy that achieving your goals should be fast and frictionless. Just take this shortcut to success! 

But the truth is that lasting growth doesn’t happen through rapid transformation. It occurs slowly, steadily, and incrementally. Trying to skip steps will only weaken your foundation and set you up for disappointment. Sustainable progress comes from putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

The old saying, “one step at a time,” reminds us that major goals are reached through many small, compound steps. It’s time to embrace the incremental growth mindset.

The Power of Tiny Gains 

We get overwhelmed picturing the huge gap between our starting point and end goal. But forget about that wide chasm for now. Just focus on taking one step. Then another and another. Each inch forward builds confidence and momentum.

Celebrate small wins to stay motivated when the journey feels endless. Even tiny gains compound into big results over time through consistency. 

Beware Skipping Steps

When we feel impatient with slow progress, it’s tempting to rush ahead or convince ourselves we can skip foundational steps. We throw sloppy form at the gym to add more weight. We dismiss vetting business partners properly. 

But impatience often backfires. Pushing forward recklessly just sets you back further when shortcuts crumble under pressure. Respect the process and put in the time.

Establish Your Foundation First 

Any lasting achievement, like building a house or running a marathon, requires spending time establishing a solid foundation before reaching upward. But we get eager to see tangible progress!

Stay grounded, and don’t ignore foundational steps like learning basics, creating plans, and gathering resources. You can only build high once your foundation is sturdy.  

Focus on the Step In Front of You

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When the ultimate goal feels lightyears away, zoom your lens into just the next step right ahead. Complete the task immediately before you without being distracted by the big picture.

Each step moves you forward, even if by a small increment. Detach from the endpoint and stay present. Just keep stepping.

Adjust Your Timeline Expectations 

Social media has distorted our sense of reasonable timelines. We expect to get ripped in two weeks, launch a thriving business overnight, and perfect complex skills instantly. In real life, lasting progress is SLOW.

Accept that meaningful growth and change takes patience and persistence over years. Adjust expectations to avoid frustration over organic timelines.

Maintain Consistency, Not Intensity

Consistency over the long haul is key to compounding small gains into big strides. Marathons aren’t run at a sprint. You’ll burn out and get injured pushing too intensely.

Steady, sustainable effort may not feel as dramatic but leads to solid results and avoids fatigue. Slow and steady really does win the race.

Progress Isn’t Linear, Embrace the Zigs and Zags 

We wish progress followed a straight line ever upward. But in reality, there are zigs, zags, plateaus, and backslides along every journey. Expect setbacks and course corrections to happen versus interpreting them as failures. They are part of the nonlinear path.

Stay flexible and adjust to the terrain. Fluency comes with patience and persistence through the ups and downs of the process. 

Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

One step at a time | Decorative hand-drawn watercolor aesthetic image

When tackling a challenging endeavor, it’s easy to obsess over how much further there is to go versus appreciating the distance already traveled.

Note how far you’ve come in order to appreciate your efforts and maintain motivation. Compare against your past self, not others.


At the end of the day, positive change and achievement happen slowly, through many micro steps stacked over time into something great. Avoid the lure of rapid transformation schemes. Commit to the incremental growth mindset and take it one step at a time. Small steps make big dreams come true. Just keep stepping!

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